Customer Testimonials

Solid Waste AgencyI wanted to say thank you for the high level of customer service that you and the staff at US Pride Products provided to the Cedar Rapids/Linn County Solid Waste Agency during the purchasing process for the HF-500 Log Splitter. Your patience with the public acquisition process, knowledge of the industry, willingness to answer questions, and the on-site demonstration that you provided gave the Solid Waste Agency staff and the Board of Directors confidence that you would provide the same high level of customer service alter the sale. In addition, the Solid Waste Agency Board of Directors places a lot value in supporting a locally/regionally owned company.

We process a high volume of large diameter logs and stumps as a part of our yard waste and biomass programs, including ash trees as part of the metro area Emerald Ash Borer abatement programs. It is important for us to have a machine that can reduce the size of the large diameter material prior to processing them in our grinder. It is also important that the machine be reliable and that our on-site mechanic be able to complete routine maintenance on the machine. Our mechanic commented he was confident in the design and as a result in his ability to perform normal maintenance on the machine..

The Solid Waste Agency considered three models of wood splitters manufactured by three separate companies throughout the United States and Canada. Staff and the Operations Committee based its recommendation for the US Pride Products HF-500 to the Board of Directors on the design and quality of the US Pride machine.
Also, when comparing the bids the Solid Waste Agency staff saw the most value for the price in the US Pride product. In addition, I received input from our operators regarding the purchase and they were impressed with the splitter after the demonstration. Finally, the Solid Waste Agency Board of Directors places a lot value in supporting a locally/regionally owned company.

Thank you again for all of your time and support during our purchasing process. We look forward to working with you in the future.

Sincerely, Bill Micheel, Site Manger
Cedar Rapids / Linn County Solid Waste Agency

Great piece of equipment! Easy to put on the excavator out in the field, hook up a couple lines and go. Split the biggest logs we can throw at it with no problems!

Mike Green
HF 500 Log Splitter

Charlie, Just wanted to say thanks. Your product is awesome. I found it very easy to get extremely efficient with on the very first use. Sure is saving the back on hand cutting.

Thanks again, Joe Kozak
Navy Lawn & Garden Care, Inc

I would like to first of all extend my personal thanks for the great product that you have sold me. The HF-300 is one of the baddest most durable, log Spilter/ Drill for resizing logs that I personally have ever came across. The compeitors talk a great a game with a siginficant cheaper price, but I have been in the equipment game from years. Cheaper is not always better. Plus a local compeitor in the area has one of the other brands and I all I hear them doing is working on it, replacing seals, or waiting on parts. I cant run a business that way. We are close to approaching our first year with the HF-300. We use the HF-300 to resize logs to get them under 26" to send them to a Puplwood Mill. in the 1 Year time frame that we have had the HF-300 we had to do nothing to it. I repeat nothing . This thing takes some serious abuse working everyday at my yard . When we first started drilling logs at our yard we had no clue what we were doing. Now a year into it I would not run my operation any different for resizing logs with any other piece of equipment besides the HF-300 Thank you for your words of wisdom, Great customer service, and taking the time to explain your equipment versus all of the other incomplete tools on the market. In my book Durability, Customer Service, and Reliability means more to me than any dollar you can save and I am greatly thankful that I have gone with the HF-300. Please feel free to share this with anybody else who might be on the fence deciding which way to go, if they are interested in one of your products.

Advance Tree Care Corporation

Just wanted to share my experience with the 300. I am a tree guy on Martha's Vineyard. Most people think the trees are small here or no trees at all or we are all rich people. Well there are lots of trees and they may not be as tall as the trees on the mainland, but they are fat and gnarly. I would end up taking them to the very expensive stump dump. Not anymore. This drill kicks butt.

My worker was split drilling some wood the other day and I couldn’t stop watching. I have had it for a couple years now and it still amazes me. It turns a financial loss into a profit and Charlie actually answers his phone. There is hope in the world after all.

Mark Clements
M. C. Clements Tree & Landscaping Service

Hi Charlie, We have been running the HF 200 for three years now and it's still going strong! Very capable unit, with the original tip and just changing gear oil and bolt torque checks. It gets run hard and stands proven in many ways at my tree service. By being able to reduce the size of quality material down for firewood or saw logs increases our production and breaking down oversize wood before dumping saves us money there or we can chip it ourselves! It will also do a job on breaking down uproots on site or busting up stumps at the yard too, which improves the bottom line. On the job I've got it to bite a piece and fed the chipper with it or you can load a truck, also aids in skidding out appropriate size felled trees, literally nip it the butt and back out outta there. See you at the Logging Show in Bangor, ME and bring the stump cutter for me! That's going to be the next level of versatility with HF 200 for us. Keep up the good work!

Andrew Lobel
Lobel Tree Service, Peabody MA